Oct 13, 2010, 10:59 am
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Another contest to win Across the Universe, this time on Beth Revis’s own blog!

I absolutely adored Jennifer Walkup’s write-up of Show vs. Tell; it’s one of the best I’ve seen, with wonderful examples and explanations of why said examples do and don’t work. Even if you know all about showing versus telling, it’s great to have the occasional reminder.

Adam Heine discusses The Problem With The Gun On The Mantle; how to avoid predictability without making something come out of left field completely?

Putting on my feminist hat for a few moments… kattahj on LJ talks about owning books by male authors vs. female authors, and how the results are often surprising.

Have you seen the Female Character Flowchart? As much as I love the idea of it, I’m not fond of the execution. A few wonderful rebuttals can be found here, here and here. Like elle_white over at LJ says: “Can we please stop putting down female characters in the name of feminism?”

The comments are also very much worth reading.

I always enjoy the Feminists With Disabilities/Forward blog; their latest post, however, I enjoyed from a writing standpoint, as well. In discussing a letter sent to the Ask Amy column, s.e. smith says the following:

Many people seem to believe that there is a specific ‘right’ way to study and that if you don’t study that way, you’re doing it wrong. Staying up all night to study is wrong, even if your sleep schedule is actually better suited to studying at night. Studying with music on is wrong. Moving while studying is wrong. There’s a whole long list of things touted as ‘good study habits,’ like ‘don’t leave your work until the end of the weekend.’

To me, what makes a good study habit is what works for a given student.

I almost feel lazy by relating this to writing. It’s just too easy. Ha! Anyway, to avoid repeating my rant from a few months ago, I’ll just say: CO-SIGNED.

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