Jun 19, 2011, 1:00 pm
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Since I’m in Seattle from June 17th to July 31st to attend Clarion West, I’ve written a number of blog posts beforehand to post while I’m gone. I’ll be keeping an eye on the comments, but might take a while to respond.

This is the first of a temporary new feature on the blog — Showcasing Shinies.

Wherein I, er, showcase shinies. Specifically, the artwork of my characters I’ve commissioned, traded for, or been gifted over the years. I absolutely love seeing other people’s representations of my characters. I love drawing them myself, too — and sometimes do — but I lack the gift of multi-tasking, which means I don’t actually get much art done while I’m working on my writing.

Which is all the time.

Anyway, I’ll be presenting the art without my own commentary, since a) I always feel self-conscious about potential favoritism, and b) I love all of these to bits and pieces, and any commentary would swiftly devolve into “PURTY OH MY GOSH LOOK AT HOW PURTY.”

If you’re at all interested in having your characters drawn, I definitely suggest taking a look at the artists’ websites. Most of them take commissions, and at very reasonable prices to boot, and trust me — there’s nothing quite like that thrill of seeing your character face-to-face.

I have two posts a week scheduled, organized by character/novel. It seemed apt to start off where I started off: Wielders, my very first novel, now shelved. Meet my boys!

Chen and Nicholas
drawn by Suzanne Annaars

drawn by Peter V. Nguyen

The girls will be joining them in a couple of weeks!

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