My cover was illustrated by the very talented Vince Natale; here’s a version without the text, so you can see the art in its full glory.

My awesome cover designer, Amulet Books art director Chad Beckerman, wrote a post on his blog about how the cover evolved. It’s a fascinating behind-the-scenes look with lots of wildly different early comp versions, with input from my editor Maggie Lehrman and illustrator Vince Natale.


As I am an artist as well as an author, I love drawing my characters—including those from Otherbound. Take a look.

Better yet, other authors draw my characters, too! I’ll never get over how cool that is. Check out the “ob creativity” tag on my Tumblr for all kinds of creations from readers, from art to fic to edits. I’ve also commisioned artists in the past—see the excellent results below.

A digital drawing of two teenage girls – one determined, thin, with medium-dark skin and long hair, the other alert, full-figured, with dark skin and chin-length hair. The second girl is clutching the first girl's arm.

Amara and Cilla
Art © Nicc Balce

A digital drawing of a Latino teenage boy supporting himself on crutches.

Art © Donna Dao


As is proper for any fantasy book, my publisher had a map drawn of the world Amara lives in. Although I designed the world, designer Sara Corbett brought it to gorgeous life. You can find the below map in the final copy of the book, but here it is for online reference.

Map of the Dunelands and surrounding world