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Corinne Duyvis is the award-winning, critically acclaimed author of the YA sci-fi/fantasy novels Otherbound, which Kirkus called “a stunning debut;” On the Edge of Gone, which Publishers Weekly called “a riveting apocalyptic thriller with substantial depth;” and The Art of Saving the World, which Kirkus called “impossible to put down.” She is also the author of the original Marvel prose novel Guardians of the Galaxy: Collect Them All. Corinne hails from the Netherlands. She’s a co-founder and editor of Disability in Kidlit as well as the originator of the #ownvoices hashtag.

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Corinne Duyvis is the award-winning author of critically acclaimed young-adult novels Otherbound (2014), On the Edge of Gone (2016), and The Art of Saving the World (2020), as well as the superhero prose novel Guardians of the Galaxy: Collect Them All (2017). Corinne was born in the Netherlands, where she still resides.


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A full list of Corinne’s short stories can be found elsewhere on her website; here’s a brief list of her most notable stories.

  • “A Curse, A Kindness” in Unbroken— about a girl who’s cursed to fulfill wishes for anyone who shows her kindness. Published in 2018.
  • “And the Rest of Us Wait” in Defying Doomsday and Wastelands: The New Apocalypse — set during the same comet impact as On the Edge of Gone, about a Latvian teen singer stuck in an increasingly restless underground shelter. Published in 2016.
  • “Lilo Is” in Clockwork Phoenix 4 — about the childhood of a half-human, half-spider-demon little girl. Published in 2013.
  • “Eight” in Strange Horizons magazine — about the personal and philosophical consequences of time travel. Published in 2011.

The Art of Saving the World


The night Hazel Stanczak was born, an interdimensional rift tore open in the backyard. Sixteen years later, she finds out why.Publisher: Amulet Books (ABRAMS)
Genre: young adult fantasy
Release date: September 15, 2020
ISBN hardcover: 978-1419736872
ISBN ebook: 978-1683356448
Pages: 390
Cover: Owen Freeman (illustration), Hana Anouk Nakamura (design)

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One girl and her doppelgangers try to stop the end of the world in this YA sci-fi adventure.

When Hazel Stanczak was born, an interdimensional rift tore open near her family’s home, which prompted immediate government attention. They soon learned that if Hazel strayed too far, the rift would become volatile and fling things from other dimensions onto their front lawn — or it could swallow up their whole town. As a result, Hazel has never left her small Pennsylvania town, and the government agents garrisoned on her lawn make sure it stays that way. On her sixteenth birthday, though, the rift spins completely out of control. Hazel comes face-to-face with a surprise: a second Hazel. Then another. And another. Three other Hazels from three different dimensions! Now, for the first time, Hazel has to step into the world to learn about her connection to the rift — and how to close it. But is Hazel — even more than one of her — really capable of saving the world?


  • Whippoorwill Award for Rural Young Adult Literature

impossible to put down
Kirkus Reviews
a provocative, genre-bending
look at exploring identity
Publishers Weekly
the perfect mix of fantasy and
coming-of-age realistic fiction
School Library Journal
an authentic exploration of
[what makes us who we are]
a zippy sci-fi plot that barrels
along at a breathless pace
The Bulletin of the Center for Children’s Books

On the Edge of Gone


Denise — sixteen, guarded, and autistic — tries to hold her family together in the aftermath of a devastating comet impact.Publisher: Amulet Books (ABRAMS)
Genre: young adult science fiction
Release date: March 8, 2016
ISBN hardcover: 978-1419719035
ISBN paperback: 978-1419739262
ISBN ebook: 978-1613129012
ISBN/ASIN audiobook: 978-1531889425 (MP3 CD), B01F7RGADG (Audible)
Pages: 456
Cover: Shane Rebenschied (illustration), Chad W. Beckerman (design)
Other rights sold: audio, large print, Dutch, Spanish, Turkish

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January 29, 2035. That’s the day the comet is scheduled to hit — the big one. Denise and her mother and sister, Iris, have been assigned to a temporary shelter near their hometown of Amsterdam to wait out the blast, but Iris is nowhere to be found, and at the rate Denise’s addicted mother is going, they’ll never reach the shelter in time. Then a last-minute encounter leads them to something better than a temporary shelter: a generation ship that’s scheduled to leave Earth behind and colonize new worlds after the comet hits. But each passenger must have a practical skill to contribute. Denise is autistic and fears that she’ll never be allowed to stay. Can she obtain a spot before the ship takes flight? What about her mother and sister? When the future of the human race is at stake, whose lives matter most?


  • Best-Of-2016 pick by Kirkus, CCBC, Paste Magazine, Chicago Public Library, and Bank Street College
  • Three starred reviews
  • Neukom Institute Literary Arts Award for Speculative Fiction
  • ALA Best Fiction for Young Adults list
  • Praise from the New York Times, Chicago Tribune, and SFX Magazine

Utterly superb
SFX Magazine
a riveting apocalyptic thriller
with substantial depth
Publishers Weekly
Insightful, suspenseful, and
unsettling in its plausibility
School Library Journal (starred review)
tense, visceral,
and extremely well-crafted
Cooperative Children’s Book Center
simultaneously heartbreaking
and thought-provoking
The Bulletin for the Center of Children's Books (starred review)



With Nolan Santiago’s every blink, he witnesses the life of a mute servant girl from another world. She has no idea — until now.Publisher: Amulet Books (ABRAMS)
Genre: young adult fantasy
Release date: June 14, 2014
ISBN hardcover: 978-1419709289
ISBN paperback: 978-1419716812
ISBN ebook: 978-1613125090
Pages: 387
Cover: Vince Natale (illustration), Chad W. Beckerman (design), Kate Fitch (design), Sara Corbett (lettering)

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Amara is never alone. Not when she’s protecting the cursed princess she unwillingly serves. Not when they’re fleeing across dunes and islands and seas to stay alive. Not when she’s punished, ordered around, or neglected. She can’t be alone, because a boy from another world experiences all that alongside her, looking through her eyes. Nolan longs for a life uninterrupted. Every time he blinks, he’s yanked from his Arizona town into Amara’s mind, a world away, which makes even simple things like hobbies and homework impossible. He’s spent years as a powerless observer of Amara’s life. Amara has no idea … until he learns to control her, and they communicate for the first time. Amara is terrified. Then, she’s furious. All Amara and Nolan want is to be free of each other. But Nolan’s breakthrough has dangerous consequences. Now, they’ll have to work together to survive — and discover the truth about their connection.


  • Four starred reviews
  • Junior Library Guild selection
  • James Tiptree, Jr. Award longlist
  • Bisexual Book Award: Speculative Fiction winner
  • Bisexual Book Award: Young Adult finalist

Original and compelling;
a stunning debut
Kirkus Reviews (starred review)
subtle, nuanced examinations of
power dynamics and privilege
Bulletin of the Center for Children’s Books (starred review)
Duyvis makes ingenious use
of a fascinating premise
Publishers Weekly (starred review)
nuanced, thoughtful,
and three-dimensional
Strange Horizons
serious, thought-provoking, and complex
Someday My Printz Will Come

Guardians of the Galaxy: Collect Them All


When the team investigates Groot’s rapid loss of strength, they find themselves facing an agitated Collector and a dangerous plot.Publisher: Marvel
Genre: superhero science fiction
Release date: April 18, 2017
ISBN hardcover: 978-1302902728
ISBN ebook: 978-1302499105
ISBN/ASIN audiobook: 978-1662042836 (MP3 CD), 978-1662041433 (audio CD), B08GTWR6Z9 (Audible)
Pages: 392
Cover: Dale Keown (illustration), Jason Keith (illustration colors)
Other rights sold: audio, Russian

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We are Groot! When the Guardians attempt to evacuate a Kree prison planet and end up in a fight for their lives – what else is new? – they discover their old pal Groot is stretched a little thin. Someone is planting stolen branches of the monosyllabic hero and selling the saplings across the galaxy! The search to find Groot’s missing pieces forces the Guardians into an alliance with the unscrupulous Collector, but the real problem is more complicated than he wants them to believe. The seller is a kid. And she’s got more than a few things in common with Gamora – like green skin and a wild temper. Now with an unruly teen in tow, the Guardians attempt to track down the remaining Groots – and discover an interplanetary conspiracy. War looms on the horizon. It’s a race against the Collector, Groot himself, and the entire Kree armada. It’s battle as Rocket likes it best. Sit back and watch the destruction as Corinne Duyvis, author of Otherbound and On the Edge of Gone, makes her Marvel debut!


a joy to read from start to finish
The Mary Sue
Corinne Duyvis nails it
The Mary Sue