Short stories

Below is a selection of short stories I’ve published over the last few years. Although my focus is on novels, I adore writing the occasional short story; among other things, it gives me a chance to experiment with different genres, tropes, and writing styles.

A Curse, a Kindness

A girl is cursed to fulfill wishes for anyone who shows her kindness.
Unbroken  (2018)
A YA anthology from Farrar, Straus & Giroux
• a Junior Library Guild Selection
• a Kirkus Best Book of 2018
• starred reviews from Kirkus, Booklist, and Publishers Weekly

And the Rest of Us Wait

In this On the Edge of Gone tie-in story, a teen popstar tries to survive the apocalypse in a temporary underground shelter.
An anthology from Twelfth Planet Press
• Ditmar Award Winner for Best Collected Work
An anthology from Titan Books
  • [A] standout story […] Iveta, her family, and her peers are all struggling with gritty, everyday, unsolvable problems. There are, cleverly enough, some traditionally ‘heroic’ figures in the background, but they are deliberately positioned as red herrings: this is a story about the rest of us. Iveta makes it through each day, gets entangled in petty politics, and participates in minor acts of rebellion. She doesn’t save the world—or even ‘find herself’ in a particularly glamorous sense. She endures. […] It is an oddly realistic, beautifully-composed story that tries to frame the apocalypse not as an individual’s ‘time to shine’, but as a collective struggle. The apocalypse not as a platform for an individual’s Hero’s Journey, but as an implacable challenge for ‘the rest of us’. (Jared Shurin)

    This story as well as unique setting is combined with a sense of increasing desperation that raises a point as to how we treat those who are not considered ‘healthy’ – a very powerful story about our morality and need to be our best at being human when it matters most. Powerfully pointed out but in a very low key way read.

    Runalong the Shelves

    [A]n excellent intro to the anthology with a strong message, taking place in the same world as [Duyvis’s] novel On the Edge of Gone with some recurring characters. I love that the main characters respond to their situation through pop songs.

    Sorcery in the Bookshelves

    [A]n earth-shaking story that managed to be both angry and hopeful, confronting the casually discriminating attitudes that occur in most apocalyptic fiction and everyday life by examining the difference between equality and equity. It made for an epic start to the anthology.

    Elizabeth Fitzgerald, Earl Grey Editing Services

    Corinne Duyvis opens the anthology brilliantly with a story that includes a comet, refugees, spina bifida, food intolerances, teen stardom and adult condescension. “And The Rest of Us Wait” sets a really high bar.

    Alexandra Pierce

    A truly gripping piece. It had me gasping out loud at one point. This is the type of story you can’t put down.

    Elinor Caiman Sands

    [A] fascinating story with a bit different kind of a protagonist.


    We see a range of different reactions. The angry and the uncontrollable, the snippy and resigned, and those who are still hopeful … This is such a strong opening to the anthology, showcasing a wide variety of topics that are explored both for and against (should people receive ‘special’ treatment, is it ‘special’ treatment if the end result ends in truly unfair results, and so forth) … Otherbound by Duyvis was also amazing so it’s no surprise that this short story is also – if you haven’t read her work so far this is a good place to start, and then go and hurry to get her two other novels. You won’t be disappointed.

    Katharine, Ventureadlaxe

Lilo Is

A woman struggles to raise her half-spider-demon daughter.
An anthology from Mythic Delirium Books
  • A surprisingly real and sad story.

    Locus Online (Lois Tilton)

    Short and sweet, ‘Lilo Is’ explores a mother’s challenge to instill in her child a solid sense of self-esteem.

    Bonnie Jo Stufflebeam, Short Story Review

    A must read for any parent, any planning-to-be parent or any never-want-to-be parent. Definitely recommended.

    Tangent Online (Louis West)

    I enjoyed this story so much that after I finished it, I grabbed a family member and made her read it so I’d have someone to talk to about it.

    Francesca Forrest / asakiyume

    It’s hard to believe that a spider-demon could lead to such heartwarming prose, but Duyvis makes that happen … deserves all the praise I expect it will get.

    Dusty Wallace, Dusty on Movies

    I read this story twice, even after it brought tears to my eyes the first time.

    The Little Red Reviewer

    Oh, my god. So wonderful. I laughed my way through this one … I went back and re-read parts too. Love it … a favorite.

    Just Book Reading

    … explores the depths of a mother’s love for a most unusual child. The thing that struck me most about the story is how real the relationships felt.

    Beth Cato

    5 star tale of motherhood.


The Applause of Others

A young girl's admiration of an eel in the Amsterdam canals has unintended consequences.
FISH  (2013)
An anthology from Dagan Books
A reprint anthology from Rosarium Publishing
  • Corinne Duyvis’s ‘The Applause of Others’ has a real sense of place–the canals of Amsterdam. The story also brings together a rather narcissistic and self-centered eel and the young woman who encounters him. Mix in an authorial viewpoint of someone very familiar with the culture and ethos of the city, and the story shows how some of the stories use the topic [of the anthology] as a springboard rather than a straitjacket.

    Paul Weimer, SF Signal

    I adored this story almost as much for its setting as its narrative. It’s set in Amsterdam and is written not with the eye of a stranger but someone familiar with the city and its character, who knows to look beyond its tourist trap façade to its everyday magic. I loved how Duyvis incorporated details about Dutch life and culture without signposting them … I can’t wait to read more from Duyvis.

    Mieneke van der Salm, A Fantastical Librarian


A soldier is sent back through time to prevent a catastrophic future, only for a different catastrophe to happen. And again, and again, and again.
An online magazine of speculative fiction

Rule of Threes

A young woman tries to protect her nephews from a flood of deadly desert creatures.
An online SFF magazine
A print compilation